Hi, my name is Wesley Klijnstra I'm from The Hague in the Netherlands. I started in 2008 with my first digital SLR-camera, I always had a passion for photography but didn't do much with it. After I bought the camera I started to enjoy photography more and more. I worked in a few stores for photography, where I also learned to make passport photos by the rules of the law and portrait photos. When I started I got inspired by nature photographers Frans Lanting & Morten Hilmer, I started go into the nature near my hometown. I started to photograph every animal I saw. My passion for wildlife is even bigger now. Still growing as a photographer and show the world my photography. But also I like to travel see the world explore new country's, cities, jungle or nature, my dream is hoping to combine my photography and travel passion as a fulltime job. Maybe work for the biggest magazines and companies.